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Branding ambience sponsoring

Let’s imagine that your branding ambience advertisement is associated with a zoo where approximately 6-8 million guests visit per year. They not only look at your brand but also take part in zoo’s activities that you organized.

At MyQ Vietnam, you can create unlimitedly in our vast Happy Farm area and our wide long pathways. Here are our suggestions for you:

  • + Happy Farm Area: Extremely suitable for dairy companies, food manufacturers and beverage for children. The Farm is a great place for your brand can organize activities of activation and education for customers. In the Farm, there are happy farmer and good game leaders who can introduce your product every day to visitors of MyQ Safari.
  • + Pathways: Along the pathways, you can place your large advertising signs so that your brand can introduced widely to visitors of MyQ Safari. This is extremely suitable location for consumer brands targeting families and toy brands for children.

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